Mary Elizabeth Teresa Flaherty

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher   •   Librarian

Birthplace: Flagstaff, AZ   •   Home: Clark's Point, WA

Birthday: March 17, 1983   •   First Comic Appearance: January 30, 2012

Mary Elizabeth is an intense young woman (some would say insane) with a quixotic desire to help others. This drove her to both her chosen profession (teaching) and her chosen obsession (mystery solvin'). She sees in Basil the opportunity to save the world at the micro scale.

Basil Alexander Flint

Occupation: Private Investigator   •   Sheriff

Birthplace: Madison, WI   •   Home: Clark's Point, WA

Birthday: December 01, 1985   •   First Comic Appearance: January 30, 2012

Basil took to the ways of the detective at an early age, having been loosely trained by his grandfather, ace private eye, Reginald MacLeod. Upon discovering that solving mysteries in Wisconsin wasn't particularly interesting, he fled to Seattle, where he met Mary Elizabeth and things, y'know, happened.

Amanda Jennifer Beaumont

Occupation: Journalist

Birthplace: Napa, CA   •   Home: Clark's Point, WA

Birthday: December 24, 1984   •   First Comic Appearance: March 26, 2012

Amanda has been driven all her life to escape the shadow of her media baron father, despite following in his footsteps as a journalist. Brilliant but ocassionally blinded to the obvious, Amanda has taken to following Basil around in search of a good story. People often see Amanda as a wet blanket, which only infuriates her more.