#106: Pretty Great

Publication Date: September 3, 2012

Storyline: Book 1, Chapter 11 - Intermission

Characters: Basil Flint, Felicity Flint, Mary Elizabeth Flaherty, Totoro

Location: madison wiseattle wa

Here's the deal: what will follow for the foreseeable future is a weekly series of one shot gag pages without being tied to any over arcing story. My goal is to eventually use this series of one shots (or VERY short stories) to propel the MESS timeline from 2007 into the present, thus pulling us out of flashbackville. It should be pretty fun for a while.

Notes From THE FUTURE: This strip was once drawn in the art style I use for Sporkman, which is what most of the below comments are referring to. I've since redrawn the strip because I was being stupid and everyone else was right.

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