Mary Elizabeth's Sock is the upteenth webcomic created by John S. Troutman. It details the adventures of a bright young woman and the upstart private eye that she becomes fascinated with. For his part, the fascination is mutual, since the bright young woman is easy on his upstart private eyes.

Also featured within the comic are hopeful secret agents, distressed robots, plucky journalists, and the occasional tiny superhero. It's an eclectic comic, to say the least. Mary Elizabeth's Sock (MESS to its fans) began in January 2012 as a total reboot of the comics the author had drawn in the distant past. Those distant comics are not even remotely required reading, however, because - as I said - this series is a total reboot with entirely new continuity. That said, I'm sure you could find some of those other old comics by poking around

You can find a dated index of previous MESS storylines here.

Update Schedule

MESS updates somewhat haphazardly at the moment, though at least one comic is guaranteed every week, usually on Monday. Updates would be more frequent, except I have a quixotic obsession with drawing too many projects at once.

What's The Deal With Sporkman?

Sporkman is my oldest character, a silly superhero that originated back in junior high. He's popped up in several comics over the years, but the only one relevant to his conversation is Classic Sporkman. Technically, a majority of the Sporkman comics drawn since 2008 are canon with MESS, but knowing this will not affect your enjoyment in the slightest. While Sporkman does make a brief appearance in a goofy MESS storyline late in 2013, all you need to know about him is that - as a child - Amanda was Sporkman's best friend and sometimes sidekick. So that's "the deal" with Sporkman.